• Welcome to my site. Check out my Performance Videos, Photo Galleries, and solo show in development, on est deshabille, a comedy about death. Also, you can download a PDF Booklet about my theater, Live Sound Action, and Elephants and Gold, my ensemble music play produced at Berkshire Fringe and currently in further development for NYC Production. See 2015-16 Workshop/Training/Performance Events.
  • The New Year

    Check out this photo from Bucket and Stick.

    This winter I am hosting a workshop in Parallel Realities Practice given by Coly Vulpiani — this work embraces Stillness Meditation and Voice Dialogue in the Alchemy of Self Healing. I have found it to be illuminating, expansive and practical. Also this winter I am beginning rehearsal for The Autobiography of the Human Animal, an expansion of creatures, stories and songs birthed in my solo on est deshabille, a comedy about death. Let us discuss how we are evolving . . the function of language . . that which is primal . . .

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