• Welcome to my site. Check out my Performance Videos, Photo Galleries, and solo show in development, on est deshabille, a comedy about death. Also, you can download a PDF Booklet about my theater, Live Sound Action, and Elephants and Gold, my ensemble music play produced at Berkshire Fringe and currently in further development for NYC Production. See 2015-16 Workshop/Training/Performance Events.
  • Videos

    on est deshabille, a comedy about death at Joyce Soho 2012 solo performance

    Elephants and Gold.3.trailer, ensemble live sound action musical

    Bucket and Stick, ensemble live sound action

    Elephants and Gold 2

    Chicken Man, solo live sound action character

    Archived Performance Works: NYC before 2000, early multi-disciplinary performance

    Landscape Memorial – You Me We Be, contemporary music video (LSA from Elephants and Gold)

    She Said, He Said – ensemble music video (from Elephants and Gold)

    on est deshabille excerpt 1, needle hang tries to find his way at united solo festival

    eliza.ladd.reel – compilation of bits of work

    on est deshabille – Framer Opening Bit

    on est deshabille – swollen circle stick face excerpt

    on est deshabille, Joyce 2011 early version

    Meet Candelabra (1)

    Traveling Mind 1 (Desolate delight) impovisational performance

    Candelabra’s Vocal Percussion Extravaganza with her friend Norbert Herbert (2)

    on est deshabille – cut of song

    needle hang tells creation story, on est deshabille excerpt

    needle hang, plights of suffering, on est deshabille excerpt

    clearing all the rats, on est deshabille excerpt

    street crosser vocal percussion call, on est deshabille excerpt

    needle hang, hey there’s the world, on est deshabille excerpt

    The Valley (live in performance video pre-2000)

    Yellow Bird The Rocker  - Entrance (Roadie 1)

    Candelabra’s Keyboard Drama (3)

    Bug Walk (Butoh 1)

    Traveling Mind 2 (Desolate delight)

    Yellow Bird – Is Anyone Listening? (Roadie 2)

    Vocal Movement Impulse (Desolate delight)

    Candelabra Introduces Boris Kunt (4)

    Ensemble (Butoh 2)

    Clowns Do Modern Dance (5)

    Yellow Bird – Tapes Boobs (Roadie 3)

    Yellow Bird – Sings Hungry for Love (Roadie 4)