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  • on est deshabille excerpt 1, needle hang tries to find his way

    needle hang tries to find his way . . .

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    When emotional wilderness meets stage presence, timing meets music, and sounds meet vibration, then you meet Eliza: sparkling theatricality.
    Giovanni Fusetti, Master Clown

    Ladd, who channels a galumphy woman carrying a big stick, draped in tragic Frederick’s of Hollywood bargain bin and knee pads down to high-heeled slippers with marabou poofs, steals my heart.
    Chris Dohse, know your own bone

    Eliza Ladd kept me on the edge of my seat as she shifted from being a shaman to a Brooklyn kvetch to a crooner belting out a raw song from the depths. The miracle is that it all fit together like a gourmet meal.
    Karen Bernard, New Dance Alliance